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Amelia Island Microgreens

🌱 Welcome To Our MicroGreen Thumb Tribe!

You're Just One Tiny Step Away To Sprout Access To My 10-Part Microgreen Series...

Step 1

Hop over to your email inbox and peek in! We’ve sent a confirmation email your way to ensure it’s really you joining our green journey!

Step 2

If you don’t find my email dancing in your main inbox, do a little dig in your spam, junk, or promotions tab! And oh, don’t forget to safelist my email (connor@amelia islandmicrogreens.com) so you don’t miss out on any green goodness!

Step 3

Found it? Yay! Now, click on the confirmation link in the email! It’s like planting your first microgreen seed in your nutritious indoor garden!

Step 4

Woohoo! You’ve done it! Your subscription is all sprouted up, and your 10-part microgreens series is dancing its way to you! Welcome to the world of leafy learning!

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