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Amelia Island Microgreens

Meet Our Founder

Connor Hiebel

"You may not have a green thumb, but everyone has a microGreen thumb!"


Connor Hiebel Founder of Amelia Island Microgreens

From the first breath Connor took, life tossed him an unfair share of health challenges.

By the age of seven, his health struggles had reached a peak, the kind of peak where even the lightest cotton T-shirt felt like a bed of needles against his skin.

For six agonizing months, he lived in this state of hypersensitivity. It was a dark time, but it sparked a revelation that would change his life forever.

It was during this period that Connor embarked on a mission to restore his health. He adopted a gut repair diet and discovered the incredible healing power of Microgreens.

Connor fell head over heels in love with these vibrant little shoots of health.

The simple act of growing, cutting, and consuming his own Microgreens gave him a sense of pride he'd never felt before. It was like he was infusing each bite with his strength, his resilience.

This wasn't just nutrition for his body; it was a healing balm for his spirit. For Connor, Microgreens are more than just plants—they're medicine. They're a testament to the transformative power of the age-old wisdom, "Let food be thy medicine."

Fast forward to when Connor was 14, the world was thrown into chaos with Covid. Just like everyone else, he was gripped by fear. The sight of bare store shelves was a stark reminder of our vulnerability and the fragility of our food systems.

As his mom tinkered in the garden, growing tomatoes and beans, an idea sparked in his mind: "What if we could empower others to grow Microgreens?"

With this thought, Connor's "Ready, Set, Grow!" Microgreen Kits were born.

Oh, they've evolved a lot since then, shifting from the traditional path of microgreen farming to a more empowering approach aligned with our mission - to educate and empower people to grow their own nutrient-rich, delicious, and economical food.

And for Connor, there is no greater joy than seeing the people he's impacted take control of their health, one tiny, powerful green at a time!

Shark Tank Potential
  • "Opportunity thrives in change, challenge builds resilience!"

  • The Florida Times Journal

    "Shark Tank Potential!"

  • "Connor Hiebel educates and empowers people!"

    Florida Trend
  • "Combines business acumen with a commitment to healthy eating!"

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