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Amelia Island Microgreens

Superfood at Your Fingertips

Microgreens are 40% more nutritious than the mature plant.

Home Harvest

Our easy grow kits make mastering your microgreen thumb effortless.

Trust Through Recognition

Join our community, acclaimed by Forbes and others.

Amelia Island Microgreens:

Your gateway to sustainable nutrition

Based out of Florida, Amelia Island Microgreens is a pioneer in home-grown superfood solutions. We simplify the process of growing and consuming microgreens, saving you the hassle of sourcing nutrient-dense, plant-based food. Our easy-to-use grow kits, lauded by beginners and experts alike, are transforming kitchens across the country into personal health fortresses. With an ever-growing community of happy customers already reaping the benefits. Join the microgreen revolution.

"We are thrilled to provide you the tools to grow 100% nutritious & economic microgreens, infused with passion and innovation"

At Amelia Island Microgreens, we are driven by our mission of promoting healthier lifestyles. That's more than our business - it's our way of life. Nutritious doesn't mean it's not fun. We assure you'll love the experience of growing and enjoying your own microgreens.

Connor Hiebel


Connor Hiebel Founder of Amelia Island Microgreens
Microgreens Starter Kit

  • Our microgreens are more than just tasty, they are densely packed with nutrients to supercharge your health.


  • We continually update our seed offerings, ensuring you never grow bored of the same microgreens.


  • Our kits are versatile and adaptable. You get to decide what microgreens you want to grow.


  • We provide only the freshest seeds and highest quality supplies. There's no compromise on the quality.

    Grow in 3 Simple Steps

    microgreen grow kit


    Pick Your Kit

    Select a microgreen kit that fits your family's unique needs.

    microgreen seeds


    Choose Your Seeds

    Pick your favorite microgreen seeds to personalize your kit.

    enjoy your microgreens


    Enjoy Your Microgreen Journey!

    Once your kit arrives, start growing and enjoy your own nutritious microgreens.

    Choose A Ready, Set, Grow! Kit That Works For You

    Fresh Picks From Our Microgreen Chronicles

    What is included in the Microgreen Kit?

    Our Microgreen Kit comes with everything you need to start your microgreen journey. Depending upon which kit you choose, it includes 3-6 sets of hand-selected, non-GMO, organic seeds (Salad Mix, Broccoli, Mustard, Kale, Turnip, and oriental mustard- cousin to wasabi), 3-6 grow mediums (Coco Coir and Jute Mat), and 1-2 microgreens planter trays made from BPA-free PP material.

    Micro Praises: Sprouting Smiles!

    Amelia Island Microgreens Reviews

    "I really loved the first kit and after I used it, I realized I wanted more microgreens, that I wanted to do this on a bigger scale. One reason is because ... I wanted to be more self-sufficient, I wanted to eat healthier." Ginny - Florida, USA

    Amelia Island Microgreens Reviews

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